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the 3 top selling cell phones

Here are the top selling cell phones. All great phones!



HTC Touch (Sprint)

htc phone

Meet the HTC phone, one of the best smart phones on the market today. Less than a decade ago, mobile phones were thought as a convenience and used for nothing more than a simple phone call.

Flash forward to the current cell phone market, where computer-like performance is considered a necessity and style and function must blend together seamlessly. The HTC Touch Click for more on the Touch



LG VX8560 Black - Chocolate 3 (Verizon Wireless)

lg vx8560

The VX8560 LG Chocolate phones are the latest entries into the hotly contested midrange music phone category. This 3rd generation of the Chocolate line is fresh from the ground up, leaving no visual connection with its predecessors. The LG Chocolate cell phone line has epitomized LG’s recent surge of fashion forward phones, and may be considered the brand’s most iconic phone to date Click for more on the Chocolate 3



LG VX5400 (Verizon Wireless)

lg vx5400

In a world full of high-tech phones where touch screens, mp3 players, and computer-like performance dominate the market, there still remains a niche for a basic phone capable of simply making calls, enter the LG VX5400. This is a phone LG says combines “essential functionality and all the fun of wireless.” Leaving all the bells and whistles for LG’s high end phones such as the Shine or Voyager, the LG VX5400 combines Click for more on the VX5400


top selling cell phones